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How do I get started?
To sell real estate in the State of California, you must obtain a real estate license from the California Department of Real Estate. In order to become licensed, a prospective associate must:

  • Complete the real estate pre-license class: Real Estate Principles
  • Apply for, prepare for, and pass the state exam
  • Complete and submit the application (include copy of birth certificate and fingerprints)
  • Choose a brokerage to "hang" your license with.
  • Join the Lake County Association of Realtors
  • Begin training

What are the initial costs?
The pre-license costs vary from school to school but it is safe to assume that the initial pre-license investment will be between $100-$400. After obtaining your license, you are required to join the local Lake County Association of Realtors, the California Association of Real Estate and the National Association of Real Estate. A more detailed investment estimate can be found here.
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Who will train me after I'm licensed?
At Country Air Properties we believe that extensive training is essential to your success as a sales associate. Once you have successfully passed the state exam you are ready to enter into Country Air Properties Real Estate's Success Express Training program. The Success Express program is an eight week course with classes Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 11:30am. Our next class will be starting soon!

Country Air Properties Real Estate's training gives a newly licensed Sales Associate the ability to rapidly accelerate to a "fully proactive associate". The total program uses a combination of approaches, with continuous reinforcement both in the field and in the classroom, to build the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for developing a successful sales career in real estate. The Success Express Training program is based on the company's conviction that success results from building a knowledge base through teaching and self-study and developing appropriate skills and attitude through field practice, continual coaching and counseling. Mentorships are also available. Often an experienced agent can work directly with a new agent in building their career. Our mentorships can last up to one year, and have proven successful in many cases.
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How will I earn income as a Realtor?
When you become a sales associate with Country Air Properties, you are hired as an Independent Contractor. As an Independent Contractor, you have the flexibility to set your own hours and are not bound by the normal 40 hour work week. You will earn commission dollars as opposed to an hourly or salary wage, which gives you greater potential for earning an income level which is directly related to your efforts. Taxes are not taken out of your commission checks. You will be responsible for paying your own taxes and managing your own deductions.
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How long does it take to began to earn income?
It depends. In some cases new agents are able to make their first sale in their first few weeks on the job. For others, it can take two or three months. Once the sale is made, the escrow process can take anywhere from 30 to 120 days to close. You don't get paid unless it closes. You should be prepared to go 3 to 6 months without any meaningful income from your new career.
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Can I sell real estate part time?
At Country Air Properties we feel that, though it is not impossible, it is highly unlikely that a person will be successful as a part time Sales Associate. Part time Sales Associates typically can not attend the Success Express training program (which is a company requirement), office sales meetings and can not be readily available to their clients and customers. These factors prohibit a new Sales Associate from developing the skills and confidence needed to be successful. We at Country Air Properties feel that our company gives you 100% of the tools, training, technology and managerial support you need to be a successful Realtor. As a result we expect a full time 100% commitment from you, the sales professional. Typically, only if being part time is a temporary condition while making the transition into full time would we consider hiring a new agent who will be solely part-time. Of course, there are exceptions, case by case.
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Can I work from home?
Yes! Many agents set up home offices in addition to having a desk at an office. Most anything that can be done at the main office can be done at a properly set up home-office. Country Air Properties even has a "Home Office Incentive" program where experienced agents can forego dedicated office space if they choose to go home-office and get a higher commission rate in return. Home-office agents still can use common office areas such as conference rooms and work areas, in addition to taking floor time.
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Why do so many people fail?
National statistics reveal that nearly 70% of people who enter real estate will be gone in less than two years. Real estate sales is not for everybody. Many do not realize it until they have tried it for a while. Real estate sales is hard work. It can be emotionally challenging and demanding. Successful agents must have great amounts of patience and tact. They need to be experts at multi-tasking. They need to be pro-active and responsive to ever changing demands and requirements. They must have an inner desire to succeed and have a healthy ego and ambition. They must be able to handle rejection and disappointment regularly without over reacting negatively. A real estate career can be exiting, rewarding, and dynamic, but it can also grab you and beat you up. It is not for the timid or those with low self esteem.
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