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Country Air Properties Associates are Assured of Three Things

  • Training - Access to the best, most extensive training program in the Lake County real estate community.

  • Support - Our unparalleled regional advertising programs help attract more new customers than any other Lake County real estate company, along with our unique referral network.

  • Name Recognition - As a Country Air Properties sales associate, you're part of Lake County's largest and most renowned real estate sales organization. So you've got the biggest name in local real estate behind you. And endless opportunities in front of you. No national franchise comes close to the high levels of production that our associates do.

Few professions offer the same opportunities as real estate sales. A career with a Country Air Properties offers you a chance to realize your professional, financial and personal goals.

  • Flexible Hours.
  • More time for family, friends, recreation and self.
  • Unlimited Earnings ....
  • The opportunity to earn as much as you want!
  • Equal Opportunity......
  • You determine your worth...Lack of education or difference in background has no effect on your worth or potential. The goals you set are your own!
  • Working With An Exciting Product....
  • The greatest financial Investment....There is always a need for real estate.

Training and Education
The professional and personal development of every sales associate at Country Air Properties is an important priority. Through skill building, practical application and the most up to date real estate and financial information, Country Air Properties professionals can acquire the knowledge, confidence and practical experience for long term success.

A wide range of training and education programs are made available to brokers, managers and sales associates. Recognized as the finest training in Lake County, Country Air Properties' "Success Express" basic training works to start and keep you productive and give you a competitive edge. The program covers variety of topics that cover the important basics of real estate sales - listings, referrals, quality service, financing, marketing, career management, negotiating and selling. And because the need for learning never stops, advanced and specialty training courses, workshops, and seminars are encouraged, and frequently subsidized.

Company Paid Startup Costs
The Country Air Properties organization considers recruiting and retention of quality sales associates a primary requirement of a successful real estate company. To support the needs of this business function, a number of recruiting programs and materials are made available our agents. As an independently owned and operated entity, our company offers a variety of start up packages. Country Air Properties offers the following:

  • Tuition Subsidies
  • Publicity to local newspapers
  • Company Announcements and postage
  • 16 session study program ("Success Express")* (Cost of $199 reimburesed upon affiliation with Country Air Properties).
  • Name Badge

Typical New Associate Expenses
The typical costs involved in obtaining a license are outlined here:

  • Required Classes - $300
  • Test Prep - $150
  • Test Application - $60
  • Licensing Fees - $245
  • Fingerprinting - $51
  • "Success Express" - $199
  • Lake County Association of Realtors - $589
  • Lock Box - $150
  • Misc - $250
  • Total - $1994

No other name in Lake County real estate is as widely recognized or as widely respected and preferred as the Country Air Properties name. Statistics prove that when people need real estate in Lake County- they choose Country Air Properties far more than any other company. Why not belong to the biggest name brand organization in Lake County?

Real estate can be a lucrative and rewarding career. At Country Air Properties our agents enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. They have a great deal of flexibility, the opportunity to meet many interesting people, and enjoy variety in their work. As a Country Air Properties agent, you have the opportunity to pursue a residential, commercial, or property management career, or a combination of all, AND you have high income potential, as well as long-term job security.

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