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Sales Agent 

Show, list, and sell real estate for an all-time top-selling RE firm. Full training and support provided. 100% programs avail. CA RE Lic. Req or ability to get one

Unlimited income potential

Commercial Real Estate Agent 

Work in Lake County's top selling commercial department. Should be strong in basic math, customer service, and high energy. CA RE license required.

Commission- Unlimited Potential


Our property management department manages 300 units. We need experienced independent contractors to give us reasonable estimates, and get the work done quickly and professionally. Bring in resume, references, and list of jobs you can perform. Per Job

Real Estate Career Overview

Just about everybody lives, shops, and works somewhere. Invariably, somebody owns that property, leases it, or rents it. Real estate professionals are the people who transact business related to property, either by facilitating sales, managing properties, or developing buildings on a piece of land.

What You'll Do
Real estate consists of land and the natural resources and permanent buildings on it. Real estate agents, brokers, asset managers, assessors, property managers, and developers perform a wide variety of tasks, from buying, selling, renting, and leasing, to assessing, developing, and managing land.

Who Does Well
Most real estate professionals work independently, contracting their services. Those who succeed in real estate are generally ambitious and entrepreneurial.

Career Opportunities
The tremendous appeal of real estate is that it offers a wide range of personal challenges and opportunities. First, the challenge of helping people make important real estate decisions, and second, the personal independence and freedom from prescribed working hours, as well as the potential for unlimited income and achievement. Moreover, advancement in the real estate profession is limited only by an individual's determination and quest for success.

Success Express

Real Estate Sales Training Course

"Absolutely the best live real estate training in Lake County."

Graduates have accounted for over $2.4 billion in sales in Lake County since the course's inception in 2001.

Your real estate success begins here. This series is a program designed to address the needs of the newly licensed Sales Associate or those that are returning to the industry. It also is great for a "refresher course" for more experienced sales associates.

The topics are designed in a logical, step-by-step process which makes it easy to master the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in this industry. The goal is to provide you with the most up to date information, comfortable facilities, and all the training tools you'll need to launch a rewarding career. All aboard for the "Success Express!"

Topics include:

  • Getting Started: Farming/Prospecting for Listings (self-promotion)
  • CMA/Estimate of Value: Appraisal for Realtors
  • The Listing Appointment: The Paper Trail
  • The Listing Appointment: Disclosure and Inspection
  • Marketing and Servicing a Listing
  • Working with Buyers
  • Financing: Owner Financing/Amortizations
  • Financing: Conventional, FHA,VA
  • Writing the Offer to Purchase: Part 1
  • Writing the Offer to Purchase: Part 2
  • Writing the Offer to Purchase: Part 3
  • Presenting an Offer/Counter Offers: Determining Costs, Net and Other Factors
  • Managing and Escrow: Completing the "Closed Escrow Document Checklist"
  • The Telephone: Techniques to Convert Up-Calls and Generate New Business
  • Office Policies & Procedures: The Commitment to Our Company and Our Clients
  • A: Time Management  B. Professionalism in Real EstateNEXT SERIES BEGINS: TBD
The Country Air Properties Advantage

Country Air Properties Associates are Assured of Three Things

    • Training - Access to the best, most extensive training program in the Lake County real estate community.

    • Support - Our unparalleled regional advertising programs help attract more new customers than any other Lake County real estate company, along with our unique referral network.

  • Name Recognition - As a Country Air Properties sales associate, you're part of Lake County's largest and most renowned real estate sales organization. So you've got the biggest name in local real estate behind you. And endless opportunities in front of you. No national franchise comes close to the high levels of production that our associates do.

Few professions offer the same opportunities as real estate sales. A career with a Country Air Properties offers you a chance to realize your professional, financial and personal goals.

  • Flexible Hours.
  • More time for family, friends, recreation and self.
  • Unlimited Earnings ....
  • The opportunity to earn as much as you want!
  • Equal Opportunity......
  • You determine your worth...Lack of education or difference in background has no effect on your worth or potential. The goals you set are your own!
  • Working With An Exciting Product....
  • The greatest financial Investment....There is always a need for real estate.

Training and Education
The professional and personal development of every sales associate at Country Air Properties is an important priority. Through skill building, practical application and the most up to date real estate and financial information, Country Air Properties professionals can acquire the knowledge, confidence and practical experience for long term success.

A wide range of training and education programs are made available to brokers, managers and sales associates. Recognized as the finest training in Lake County, Country Air Properties' "Success Express" basic training works to start and keep you productive and give you a competitive edge. The program covers variety of topics that cover the important basics of real estate sales - listings, referrals, quality service, financing, marketing, career management, negotiating and selling. And because the need for learning never stops, advanced and specialty training courses, workshops, and seminars are encouraged, and frequently subsidized.

Company Paid Startup Costs
The Country Air Properties organization considers recruiting and retention of quality sales associates a primary requirement of a successful real estate company. To support the needs of this business function, a number of recruiting programs and materials are made available our agents. As an independently owned and operated entity, our company offers a variety of start up packages. Country Air Properties offers the following:

  • Tuition Subsidies
  • Publicity to local newspapers
  • Company Announcements and postage
  • 16 session study program ("Success Express")* (Cost of $199 reimburesed upon affiliation with Country Air Properties).
  • Name Badge

Typical New Associate Expenses
The typical costs involved in obtaining a license are outlined here:

  • Required Classes - $300
  • Test Prep - $150
  • Test Application - $60
  • Licensing Fees - $245
  • Fingerprinting - $51
  • "Success Express" - $199
  • Lake County Association of Realtors - $589
  • Lock Box - $150
  • Misc - $250
  • Total - $1994

No other name in Lake County real estate is as widely recognized or as widely respected and preferred as the Country Air Properties name. Statistics prove that when people need real estate in Lake County- they choose Country Air Properties far more than any other company. Why not belong to the biggest name brand organization in Lake County?

Real estate can be a lucrative and rewarding career. At Country Air Properties our agents enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. They have a great deal of flexibility, the opportunity to meet many interesting people, and enjoy variety in their work. As a Country Air Properties agent, you have the opportunity to pursue a residential, commercial, or property management career, or a combination of all, AND you have high income potential, as well as long-term job security.

6 Steps

6 Steps to a Career with Country Air Properties

    1. Complete Real Estate Principles:
      Either correspondence (online, around $150 - $300) or local JC.
      You have one year to complete the correspondence courses, but many have finished it in less than a few months.
    2. .Apply for and prepare for State Real Estate Exam:
      Application fee for exam: $60
      Exam prep materials: $150 to $250
      • Practice tests (book or online) and/or
      • Video and/or
      • Live one or two day courses
      It can take 3-5 weeks to get a test date after you request one, and the test date can be 3-6 weeks beyond that.
    3. Upon passing, you will receive the license application:
      Fee: $245
      You need to be fingerprinted, and get copy of birth certificate.
      After receiving your completed application and fee, it can take DRE 2-4 weeks to process it and issue you your license.
    4. Choose Real Estate brokerage to work for:
      Interview at least 3 brokers, but end up choosing Country Air Properties!
      Interview other agents.
      Join Association of Realtors
    5. Get trained:
      Many options, but some we highly recommend include:
      • Country Air Properties's Success Express (16 classes for $199)
      • Graduate of Realtors Institute (GRI, 12 courses at $149 per class)
      • SMART Sales Training (10 classes for $900)
    6. Dive In!

          Career FAQ's

          How do I get started?
          To sell real estate in the State of California, you must obtain a real estate license from the California Department of Real Estate. In order to become licensed, a prospective associate must:

          • Complete the real estate pre-license class: Real Estate Principles
          • Apply for, prepare for, and pass the state exam
          • Complete and submit the application (include copy of birth certificate and fingerprints)
          • Choose a brokerage to "hang" your license with.
          • Join the Lake County Association of Realtors
          • Begin training

          What are the initial costs?
          The pre-license costs vary from school to school but it is safe to assume that the initial pre-license investment will be between $100-$400. After obtaining your license, you are required to join the local Lake County Association of Realtors, the California Association of Real Estate and the National Association of Real Estate. A more detailed investment estimate can be found here.
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          Who will train me after I'm licensed?
          At Country Air Properties we believe that extensive training is essential to your success as a sales associate. Once you have successfully passed the state exam you are ready to enter into Country Air Properties Real Estate's Success Express Training program. The Success Express program is an eight week course with classes Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 11:30am. Our next class will be starting soon!

          Country Air Properties Real Estate's training gives a newly licensed Sales Associate the ability to rapidly accelerate to a "fully proactive associate". The total program uses a combination of approaches, with continuous reinforcement both in the field and in the classroom, to build the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for developing a successful sales career in real estate. The Success Express Training program is based on the company's conviction that success results from building a knowledge base through teaching and self-study and developing appropriate skills and attitude through field practice, continual coaching and counseling. Mentorships are also available. Often an experienced agent can work directly with a new agent in building their career. Our mentorships can last up to one year, and have proven successful in many cases.
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          How will I earn income as a Realtor?
          When you become a sales associate with Country Air Properties, you are hired as an Independent Contractor. As an Independent Contractor, you have the flexibility to set your own hours and are not bound by the normal 40 hour work week. You will earn commission dollars as opposed to an hourly or salary wage, which gives you greater potential for earning an income level which is directly related to your efforts. Taxes are not taken out of your commission checks. You will be responsible for paying your own taxes and managing your own deductions.
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          How long does it take to began to earn income?
          It depends. In some cases new agents are able to make their first sale in their first few weeks on the job. For others, it can take two or three months. Once the sale is made, the escrow process can take anywhere from 30 to 120 days to close. You don't get paid unless it closes. You should be prepared to go 3 to 6 months without any meaningful income from your new career.
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          Can I sell real estate part time?
          At Country Air Properties we feel that, though it is not impossible, it is highly unlikely that a person will be successful as a part time Sales Associate. Part time Sales Associates typically can not attend the Success Express training program (which is a company requirement), office sales meetings and can not be readily available to their clients and customers. These factors prohibit a new Sales Associate from developing the skills and confidence needed to be successful. We at Country Air Properties feel that our company gives you 100% of the tools, training, technology and managerial support you need to be a successful Realtor. As a result we expect a full time 100% commitment from you, the sales professional. Typically, only if being part time is a temporary condition while making the transition into full time would we consider hiring a new agent who will be solely part-time. Of course, there are exceptions, case by case.
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          Can I work from home?
          Yes! Many agents set up home offices in addition to having a desk at an office. Most anything that can be done at the main office can be done at a properly set up home-office. Country Air Properties even has a "Home Office Incentive" program where experienced agents can forego dedicated office space if they choose to go home-office and get a higher commission rate in return. Home-office agents still can use common office areas such as conference rooms and work areas, in addition to taking floor time.
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          Why do so many people fail?
          National statistics reveal that nearly 70% of people who enter real estate will be gone in less than two years. Real estate sales is not for everybody. Many do not realize it until they have tried it for a while. Real estate sales is hard work. It can be emotionally challenging and demanding. Successful agents must have great amounts of patience and tact. They need to be experts at multi-tasking. They need to be pro-active and responsive to ever changing demands and requirements. They must have an inner desire to succeed and have a healthy ego and ambition. They must be able to handle rejection and disappointment regularly without over reacting negatively. A real estate career can be exiting, rewarding, and dynamic, but it can also grab you and beat you up. It is not for the timid or those with low self esteem.

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