About Platinum

About Platinum


A “Platinum Property” is distinctive, stunning, lavish, rare, elite…the very best

Created in 2006 as a division of Country Air Properties, Inc., Platinum Properties was to fill a void that existed in Lake County. Headed by broker Phil Smoley, Platinum Properties specializes in distinctive, high end properties. "Traditional and discount brokers fill a need when it comes to first-time buyers, fixers, and lower end homes, but fine homes of distinction and the buyers who can afford them require a different approach," Smoley believes. "Today, no Lake County real estate firm fills this need better than Platinum Properties."

Lake County is growing and so is the need for a real estate company that understands marketing, service and selling unique properties. A "Platinum Property" requires a different expertise in developing specialized marketing programs to reach affluent buyers.

Phil Smoley
Phil Smoley began his real estate career in 1983, becoming a licensed agent while working for the County of Lake. He joined Country Air Properties in 1985, quickly becoming one of the company’s top agents. In 1989, Smoley was named general manager, and in 1990, he bought the two-office company.

Under Smoley’s vision and leadership, Country Air Properties grew to become the largest real estate firm in Lake County. In 1992, the company bought Riviera Land & Home, expanding into the growing communities along Soda Bay, Konocti Bay and the Rivera’s. In addition, the company purchased a company on Cobb Mountain, and in 2006, opened an office in the City of Clearlake.

Customer service, accountability and continuing education have been the hallmark of Smoley’s management style, and were instrumental in the company becoming the top producing brokerage in Lake County since 1998.

Recognizing the growing number of high-end homes throughout Lake County, and the buyers traveling north to purchase them, Smoley's vision grew to include a new luxury homes division, and Platinum Properties was born.

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